About Us

It's a Family Thing!

Dear Past, Present, and Future Customers,

Welcome to We Like 2 Party SD, our official web site. We are a family owned and operated business. My wife, Ramona, began face painting in September of 2013 to help make ends meet. She started by helping another face painter with an inexpensive starter kit and five small face paints. Ramona had such a good time she decided to put her art background and enthusiasm to work. It was a perfect fit for her two passions in life, children and art. Ramona is so excited to have found a way to be a working woman and a full time mom to our soon to be three year old beautiful and amazing son, Wyatt, and to our daughter, McKinley Cassidy Williams who will be born in July. The best thing about this phenomena is Ramona finding a career that gives her as much joy as she gives the children and families she works with.

I was excited for Ramona and at the same time jealous. My work had put me on a leave of absence due to back problems from a car accident. I was feeling lost and unappreciated by the working world. On the other hand, I was creating a whole new connection and bond with our son. Wyatt and I were becoming incredibly close with my having the time to take him to the park and play, taking walks, visiting grandma and grandpa, teaching him about anything and everything, and doing the Mr. Mom duties. I always knew I wanted to be a dad, and now I was getting the opportunity to be a full time dad. I never realized the opportunity would be so much fun!

The dreaded day of returning to work was creeping up fast. I was devastated with the thought of leaving my wife and son to go back to something that I knew now would never fulfill me. My wife and I came up with a solution. We sold one of our cars. With that money we purchased two bounce houses, a trailer, and more face paints for Ramona. That was the day that We Like 2 Party SD was born. We officially became a business in November of 2013.

Ramona now has a professional face painting kit with more colors then she can count. She also does hair feathers and bling. We have jumpers, cotton candy machines, popcorn machines, snow cone machines, projectors, blow up movie theaters, AM/FM Bluetooth Ion speakers, tables and chairs for adults and children, and a mini petting zoo with Thor, the pig, Rico and Sunny, the parrots, Tort, the tortoise, and a few soft bunnies to pet. We are committed!!!

The foundation of our business is all about family. When you choose We Like 2 Party SD for face painting or party rentals, we strive to make your party fun by creating memories that will become part of your family and friends stories for generations to come. This business is way more than just an income to us. We get to see the people we serve smiling and laughing on a daily basis. We get our riches from the joy and happiness we bring to our new families, aka clients; not to mention all the time we get as a family working and playing together. This wouldn't be possible if it were not for all our past, present, and future clients. WE THANK YOU. WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS and your referrals.


Zach, Ramona, Wyatt & McKinley Williams