Cotton Candy Machines & More

Looking for that special something to kick your party or event up a notch? Our easy to use Cotton Candy, Snow Cone, and Popcorn Machines are a perfect complement for your next Birthday Party, School Carnival, Block Party, Community Event, Grand Openings or Fundraiser.

Cotton Candy, Snow Cone & Pop Corn Machines Rentals are only $65.00 for the day. Includes Drop off & Pick up.

For the Cotton Candy Machine we supply you with a half-gallon of cotton candy sugar (equals 60 servings of cotton candy, and 30 cotton candy cones. We also include the Cotton Candy Machine bubble cover and whirl grip stabilizer to collect the cotton candy inside the bowl without having to stand over the machine and continually collect the cotton candy!! *An extra 60 servings with an extra 30 cones is $20.00.

Flavors for you to choose from are:

Strawberry - Pink Vanilla - Grape - Blue Raspberry - Watermelon - Bubble Gum
Our concession machine prices are discounted with a package deal.

**Snow Cone and Popcorn Machines will be available Summer of 2014!

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